Consciousness creates reality.

I write that a lot.  Why?  Because this is the truth.

Consciousness creates our reality.  What we concentrate on, give thought and feeling and energy and action to, we create.  We manifest things into our life, and we build or destroy our personal world.

I know that for a lot of people this seems like total BS.  We live in a world that seems to be beyond our control.  We didn’t manifest our debts, our illnesses, the politicians or any of those things.  Except…truthfully…yes we did.

How?  Because when we do not consciously work to manifest, we do so on the subconscious level.  The Universe doesn’t recognize don’t and not and no and other negative statements, it recognizes what you are putting your focus onto.

The Powers-that-be only recognize you are putting thought and feeling into things.  So when you are focusing on negative things, and the things you do not want, unless you consciously work to do otherwise, you are likely to get those negative things in some form or other.

It is easier to consciously create than subconsciously create.  That’s why it takes more time and seems less obvious when we subconsciously create things we don’t actually want.

As a society, we want people to simply go with the flow.  We want to follow the expected patterns and “adult” if we want to have things and be accepted in our community.  This is why we have only two major political parties in the US, because somewhere along the way in our history we just accepted this as being the norm, and unchangeable.  This is why we still have major issues with racism and sexism and other matters of equality in this country…because there are still whole communities who hold onto their way being the only way, the way it has always been, and damn anyone who tries to change it.

Have you ever noticed that more often than not our news and media outlets use sensationalism to get us to read their stories?  They provide us with an outrageous headline to grab our attention, and then more often than not inundate us with vast amounts of negativity.  If you really look at the articles that are produced out there, how many take a negative slant versus a positive one?

What’s my point?  When we allow ourselves to be barraged with these negative messages, and we read and seek more of them out and then share them, we contribute to the group consciousness.  As such, we tend to unwillingly draw matters into our lives that we probably don’t want.

Because we focus largely on huge matters, beyond our own day-to-day lives, we let our subconscious create reality.  I read that report, and it got me really angry.  My friend shared that meme and it made me feel really sad.  All I see is war and devastation and greed, is that all there is in this world?  I am totally selfish if I am not also lacking, right?  Guess what sort of reality this subconscious thinking is going to create?

How do you get clear of the group think?  How do we not let our subconscious create reality?  By being conscious of what we want to create.  We can’t focus on what we don’t want, we need to focus on what we DO want.  We have to change our frequency to shift out of the group conscious and move from subconscious to conscious creation.

Shift our frequency?  The Universe is made entirely of energy.  Everything at its root is energy.  That includes me, you, clouds, planets, galaxies and such.  That’s just the visible stuff.  Beyond that is a world of radio frequencies and infrared light and air and other unseen energies.  All energy vibrates at a frequency.  Like attracts like.  Change the vibration, change the frequency, change what you attract, change the reality you are creating.

I know many people who see this as hooky-spooky bullshit.  I, however, believe, because I have seen too much proof that this is not hokum, that this really is how the universe works, and that consciousness can create reality.

You get that money to cover that problem at the last minute because you put all your intention into getting that money.  You don’t get sick when everyone else gets the flu because you focused on and only saw yourself as being healthy.  You attract a person to you that you want to be intimate with because you focused on feeling what it would be like to be with them.  Conscious effort into our thoughts, feelings and actions really can create our reality.

I would like to challenge you if you disbelieve.  Focus on something small.  I don’t know what, but it should be something believable to you.  Don’t just pay it lip service, don’t approach it with sarcasm and snark.  For example: let’s say you want to find a five dollar bill in an unexpected place.  Well, think about it…feel what it will feel like to find it, imagine and really get grateful for finding it.  You have to believe that it is already in your possession, that you have already found it and that it will simply appear.

Your inner skeptic has to be silenced for this to work.  If you hold onto even the slightest doubt about the notion of consciousness creating your reality, in all likelihood you will prove yourself right.  You won’t create this thing, and you won’t have anything but further proof that this is all a bunch of hippy-dippy crap.

Let me offer you one further challenge.  Why not try conscious reality creation?  If you are not happy with your life, if you are not where you want to be, what harm is there in trying to be conscious of what you manifest?  I know that I prefer to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to MY paths.  So I continue working on conscious creation.

Would you rather take control of your reality and manifestations and create subconsciously or consciously?


GOAL LOG – Week 41:

Diet:  Still going pretty well.

Exercise: Fencing happened once last week, and I got to the gym twice.  I also spent a day on the golf course of all things.

Writing:  One day of writing, plus the three blogs.  I really need to up this particular habit.

Meditation:  I meditated only on 2 days, for 7 minutes both times.

Gratitude: I wrote five things I was grateful for five of seven days last week.

I am still adjusting my schedule.  Attempting a new habit/pattern is proving a tad more challenging than anticipated.  Work in progress.


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