While it is usually best to do things in moderation, sometimes extremes are called for.

When your energy is stagnant, and you need to redirect the flow, this can call for an extreme action in order to set everything in motion.

For example: I have put on some unwanted weight.  I have been working to take it off, but the process is moving very, very slowly, and I need to give it a jumpstart, I believe.

So, in addition to my usual goal logging activities, I am going to put myself on a restricted diet for June.  I am eliminating certain foods from my diet.  Last time I did the same, in the past, I saw swift results.  I want to do that again, because I need to have change in this matter.

This is not a matter of defeat, instead I see it as a matter of taking charge.  Like other aspects of the notion of Pathwalking, I am taking control of my actions and being accountable so that I can shrink my body down some, so that I can fit into clothing that I currently cannot wear.

Further, it has come to my attention (though I was aware of this before) that a healthy body is important for a healthy mind.  Healthier bodies can better cope with depression and other stresses, and that is always a good thing.

Why am I choosing to do this?  Because I need to change my overall mindset about any number of matters I am dealing with in my life presently.  Because I want to take control, and to take a specific, inspired action to effect some change.

Pathwalking is the active practice of choosing my own destiny.  I alone choose the paths I wish to walk, and this is no different.

Over the years I have turned to any number of outside resources to help me with my conscious creation of reality.  Whether it was The Secret, The Map, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, The Four Agreements, The Fifth Agreement, The Book of Five Rings, or the latest book to pass through my hands, You are a Badass – ALL of them have a similar message.  Thought, Emotion, Action.  No one of these individual matters will make conscious reality creation possible, all three are necessary.

There are always more steps, always bits and pieces that you might need to go through different sources to glean.  For example, it’s all well and good to approach life with the intent to walk your own path, and to choose your own destiny.  But it is difficult if you do not address old, useless, deep-seated beliefs that could be getting in your way.

Have I written about this before?  In particular The Map and You are a Badass really address this topic.  If you have old, outdated beliefs, even from as far back as childhood, they can very well cause you to sabotage your efforts to manifest at the worst, and to make the work twice as complicated along the way at the least.

I have spent most of my life believing that I am fat.  And because I hold that to be true, hmmm, big surprise, I have been struggling with my weight pretty much all the time.  I also have been told that my weight is an issue for me since I was a kid, so it is very ingrained within me to hold to this belief, and so this has been my reality.

I can’t just think I am thin and it will be so.  Can’t just FEEL that I am thin and, poof, all the excess weight will be gone.  Doesn’t work that way.  This is why I am taking action, action I feel rather inspired to take, along with changing my thought process to not focus on weight loss, but to focus on achieving the body I want.  Positive approaches always work better than negative ones.

Meanwhile, I need to ALSO address the old, underlying beliefs about this from my childhood.  Whether it was being the last kid picked for the teams, being called the chubby kid, being told that I had to lose weight continuously – I need to resolve these issues, and focus instead on wellness, on creating a more ideal body, and on living in the now with regards to this exercise, rather than focusing on my past or on the future result.

Over the next month it is my intent to work on two specific things.  First, I need to work on taking more actions.  The goal log has been helpful, but too passive.  I am going to work on making it more direct, and more purposeful.  I need to make sure I meet ALL of the goals daily, which includes writing, meditation, exercise and gratitude.  The log is a check-list of things I need to accomplish, actions that need to be done.

Equally important, in regards to any actions I am taking, I need to explore old beliefs that could be sabotaging me.  I find that while I have made a lot of strides in the four-and-a-half years I have been Pathwalking, I am still not totally walking the paths I most desire.  I have taken many steps upon them, but there needs to be more.  I want to really walk the paths of my choosing, not just take steps along the way.  I think one reason this has been an issue is because I have not dealt with some old, limiting beliefs from my past, and that is something I need to work on.

In truth, working out old, unnecessary beliefs is a means to an end.  It IS an inspired action, and an important step to further Pathwalking.  Pathwalking allows me to consciously create my reality, and to manifest the life I want to lead.  I know from personal experience that this can be done, now I am exploring new means to the end.

Thank you for joining me on Mr. Titanium Don’s Wild Ride.  Please keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times, and hang on!

What do you know about your own past beliefs, and limits they may be putting on your present?


GOAL LOG – Week 21:

Due to being on vacation, the Goal Log was not maintained.  Returning next week with a revised purpose, as above.


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