I have an idea.

What would happen if we decided to think before we speak more frequently? Further, this being the 21st century and all, what if we decided to think before we post?

Why? To change the discourse of our society for the better.


All too often we are inundated with anger, with hate, with negativity. What’s more, we tend to spread it out further by talking about these terrible things and posting about them online.

What if instead we change the conversation to more constructive things? What if we don’t spread our anger across the internet, but instead spread messages of encouragement and hope and love?

That is the entire premise of Five Easy Steps to Change the World for the Better. This short book I have created explores just that – taking five easy steps to think before we speak and post in order to change the course of our world.

Please check it out in Kindle and print format. My hope is that this simple idea can spread and improve things for everyone.

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