How do I draw in more readers?

I have now published four books. It began with the first year’s worth of Pathwalking, including some extra bits (which largely came from this blog).

The second was Seeker: The Source Chronicles Book I. First in the fantasy series I’ve been working on now since 1998. Due to the nature of the story I targeted it not just to lovers of Fantasy, but to young adults. It is certainly no more violent than many other works for YA out there.


A little more than a year later I published Finder: The Source Chronicles Book II. I continue the story of The Seeker of the Source, new location and many new characters. Expanding upon a world I’ve been writing in for nearly eighteen years now.

In the middle of these I published Vortex Pilgrimage. Not my normal style, an homage to Paulo Coelho’s style and the notion at least is based on many of my life experiences.

Come May, I intend to publish my 5th book. The first novel to follow the short story I wrote for Spells and Swashbucklers called The Vapor Rogues. This is more time in my Steampunk world, and I am hoping that I will be bringing the book to The Steampunk Worlds’ Fair. This composition will be called Clouds of Authority – A Vapor Rogues Novel.

Beyond these five I still blog every week here – Mondays I present Positivity, on Wednesdays its Pathwalking. All of the writing I do covers a fairly wide range of topics.

Me with vortex pilgrimage close

I have more finished books. Harbinger: The Source Chronicles Book III is in fact complete, but unedited. Clouds of Destiny – A Vapor Rogues Novel is also complete but unedited. As I strive to write regularly my main focus has been on a wholly new sci-fi epic, though I am not quite halfway through Guardians: The Source Chronicles Book IV.

Writing. I write. Fantasy, sci-fi, Steampunk, other fiction, self-help or philosophy or New-Age or whatever you’d call my blog posts. I love to work at a job that utilizes me for either business writing or SEO blog and site writing or working on press releases and manuals and anything else that lets me write stuff.

I have the books, now the question is getting them out to a wider audience. I need to figure out how I can spread the word about all of my completed work, and increase my sales. I would love nothing more than to be able to write my novels full time.


This returns me to my original inquiry – How do I draw more readers? There are book promotion sites out there I can utilize, but they are not free. I can send messages across social media to all of my friends and to the circles beyond. I can use PPC tools with Amazon and Kindle and Facebook to spread the word and draw more sales. It’s not a lack of options as much as picking and choosing where to spend money and convincing my friends to spread the word for me to try to increase my sales.

This is the downside to going the non-traditional route. I am my own publisher, I am my own marketing department. I get to put it all together, and I get to sink or swim based solely on the effort I put forth to make this what I want it to be.

This is the path I want to walk. This is the thing I want to give most of my time to, this is the thing I most want for my life. I want to have a broader audience read and enjoy my work, and I want to be able to spend more time writing and producing those works.

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If you have not done so, please explore my work. Further, if you do, please leave reviews – more reviews become tremendously useful when it comes to Amazon’s metrics. And if you enjoy what I do – please share with YOUR friends, so that I can spread the joy and give my heart and soul to the craft.

Thank you for your continued support!