Energy is the root of everything.

Everything you can see, touch and experience begins with energy. That is what we are at our ultimate core; this is what everything in the universe begins with.

Because of this fact, energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes form. Some forms are visible, some are not. Energy can be transmuted and manipulated to achieve different things at various times, but is always present.

Science explains the universe in this manner. So do most religions and spiritual ideals. The difference between these concepts is language. Beyond that it’s a matter of approach and understanding.

Working with unseen forces to transmute energy into reality, for some, is far-fetched. Magic. New age hooky-spooky mumbo-jumbo. An impossible dream championed by people who are way out there.

In reality, we wield that sort of power for more frequently than we realize. Our thoughts, when we mix them with our feelings and our actions DO create our reality. However, it is far easier to not take direct control of these things and to simply let them happen.

I know that I fall into my own routines. I have patterns I repeat subconsciously, and in letting the patterns carry me along – change, when it does come, comes slowly.

Except there have been times where I have broken my patterns and routines and taken a different path. I have made a choice or choices to directly focus my attention, my intentions, and to work on putting my thoughts, emotions and actions into manifesting something I wanted.

I healed from injuries because my entire focus was on total recovery and healing. I was able to acquire a car when I saw no actual means to the end because I put my entire focus onto it simply happening. I had a relationship with a lover because I put the focus and energy into creating the relationship.

This is one of the key factors of this process. Manifesting what you want from the universe is not about things, it’s usually about feelings. Things won’t bring us happiness and good feelings, it actually works the other way around. Happiness and good feelings will help us bring about the things.

When I was working on healing from injuries I didn’t get depressed or upset or angry about the process. I envisioned nothing but total recovery, complete healing. I felt how good that would make me feel, how happy I would be when everything was returned to normal and I was whole again. No alternative, I would allow for no doubt.

When and if I had moments of doubt, because I am only human and that’s how we are, I didn’t allow the negativity to linger. I accepted it for what it was, I let it happen, but then I let it pass.

Fast forward to my life as it is today. Knowing what I know, experiencing what all I have experienced, I still get caught up in the minutiae of the process. I have forgotten that the things I am trying to manifest are not what will make me happy, I need to find happiness within if I want to manifest these things.

It’s all a complete load. You’re full of it. We all experience this life differently. A lot of people know what they know and only believe in the things they can see and touch and feel. They might accept the premise that energy is the root of all, but they do not believe they can be empowered to move that energy.

All of us have this power. We are all able to change our world, to manifest our lives. Unfortunately, we also live in a world where we are frequently disempowered. We are fed streams of negative energy, we see lack and disaster and horror and pain and suffering far more than we are shown abundance, achievement, love, pleasure and relief. We see complaint more than we see praise. We see blame more than we see taking responsibility.

Everything is energy. We do not need to be unhappy, we do not need to be dismayed by troubling visions. We have the power to change this energy, and to change the negative to the positive.

I am putting a greater focus on the things I want, rather than letting my attention by drawn to the things I don’t want. I am working on remembering that the things I want will not be where I find happiness and joy, but rather happiness and joy will bring me the things I want.

Everything at its core is energy. Everything. We are transmitting and receiving energy all the time. This may seem like it’s rather a daunting concept, but the truth is that we can have far more control of the kind of energy we give and receive, and ultimately empowerment. We can improve our lots in life, we can be how we choose to be.

While everything began from some sort of null space, none of this can be formed in the vacuum. An incredible number of scientific and spiritual factors drew all the energy together that formed each and every one of us, and all the things we are aware of. We have cumulative experiences and the capacity for growth and learning that can be used to choose how we give and receive the energies of the world around us. We are not merely the play things of the energy that makes everything up, we can control it. We are so empowered.

Science and religion and spiritual practices all express this concept, just with different languages and approaches. No matter what you do or do not ascribe to, you are empowered to manifest your own destiny. Be aware of what you are thinking, what you are feeling and what actions you are taking from there, because you can take control and choose your own path to walk.

Energy is the root of everything. Do you know how much more power we have than we choose to wield for our own betterment?


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