Today is my birthday. My birthday is my personal New Year’s Day.

So what? What does that have to do with Pathwalking? If this is the start of a new year, then it is the perfect opportunity to set new actions to take.

I have written before that I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions, but rather New Year’s actions. Resolving is a passive concept, while taking action is direct. It is through one of my first new year’s actions that this blog came into being.

So why this year treat my birthday as a new year? I am in the middle of some pretty heavy life transitions at the moment. Nothing bad, just a lot of change, and I have control over what that will be and what it will mean. As such, I am putting extra effort into manifesting the things I want from this life.

There are goals I want to achieve along this path, and I have to overcome the obstacles placed in my path by myself. Yes, I am my own greatest obstacle, but being aware of that gets me more than halfway towards overcoming these.

As this new year begins for me, I am taking stock of what this previous year wrought. What things do I have from this past year to be grateful for?

The past year has been amazing. I have had multiple incredible experiences for which I am nothing but grateful. I had some excellent once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and many firsts not to be ignored. As my own personal years go, this has been one of the best.

Time is relative. How we measure time is personal, whether cyclical, linear or some combination therein. While we all acknowledge minutes, hours, days, weeks, years and the like, we still have different understandings of the mechanics of time. Some experiences feel as though they occur quicker than others and the like.

I want to celebrate the year that was and express all my gratitude for the people, the things and the experiences I enjoyed this past year. It has been utterly amazing, and I hope that it is the sign of things to come!

Now it’s time to review the path I am on, the goals I want to attain and manifesting over the next year the life I most want to live.

With the transition I am experiencing at the moment, I have been hard pressed to keep my focus. Matters are very unpredictable, and I do not always cope as well as I should with such. What’s more, I have to work even harder to keep positive against my uncertainty.

I know life is all about change. I am all for change. Sometimes change can be really scary.

So – what are the actions I will take with this new year? There are three I am going to set out there. Yes, by putting this here I am working to remind myself that these must be done.

Mind my intentions daily. If does not take a ton of effort to go over the intentions I have set. This also helps me to renew and change them as some are reached and others need to be altered.

  • 1. Mind my intentions daily. If does not take a ton of effort to go over the intentions I have set. This also helps me to renew and change them as some are reached and others need to be altered.
  • 2. Daily gratitude. I often try to do this, but somehow it gets neglected. Every day, 3-5 items for which I am grateful; I cannot just write these out, I need to feel them, too.
  • 3. Be kinder to myself. I need to stop judging myself as harshly as I do. I am my own worst critic, and I need at least daily to remind myself that I should treat myself better. When I am feeling out-of-sorts more often than not this is because of how I am looking at myself.

Ok, so what? What does this have to do with MY path? If I can do this, anyone can do this. We are not alone in choosing to find and walk paths, and yet it’s amazingly easy to forget this. So many outside influences, so many perceived failures and missteps and false starts. You do not need to select the start of the calendar new year or your birthday new year – you can use the new month, the new week, even the new day to start fresh and review where you have come and where you wish to go.

The point of this is that we write our own paths in life. We are the makers of our own destinies, and we alone can manifest our own dreams. How this works is not the same for everyone, what works for me may not work for you or anyone else, and vice versa. But I know, because I have witnessed it, that this does work.

Since I began Pathwalking almost four years ago, my life has been enriched. I have enjoyed more control over my destiny, and I have felt happier overall. My life has changed quite a bit since then, and upon analysis I have to say that those changes have been for the better.

This is not an ending, this is a beginning. I am taking this lifetime milestone to look ahead to what more I want to create, and to put out the effort to make even greater and better things for myself. I also want to express my gratitude for all that I have manifested, because with gratitude you can make even more along the way.

Milestones and holidays should not be the only days we celebrate. Everyday can be amazing, if we create it to be. Yes, this might sound hokey or otherwise ludicrous, but that does not make it any less true. We choose more than we believe that we do, and we can make more choices for ourselves along the way.

Last but not least, a shameless self promotion. In celebration of my birthday, today and tomorrow my fantasy novel – Seeker (The Source Chronicles Book I) is free for the Kindle. I am very proud of this work, and want to promote it (Book II should be coming out in November).

Thank you for your continued support!

What do you do to celebrate your birthday?


This is the one-hundred ninety second entry in my series. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my personal desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Feel free to re-blog and share.  Thank you for joining me.

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