I am going to overly-simplify this, because I think we have lost sight of the things we should care about, versus the things that are really not all that important in the grand scheme of life, the universe and everything.

Here is a list, in no particular order, of things we should care about:

  • Our health
  • The health of our friends and family
  • Our welfare
  • The welfare of our friends and family.
  • Our happiness.
  • The happiness of our friends and family.
  • Being treated fairly and treating others in the same manner that we want to be treated.

These are pretty much the main things that I can think of that we should give our energy and attention to.

Here are the things we should not ignore, but that we should not really care quite so much about, in no particular order:

  • Politics
  • Political corruption.
  • Corporate greed and corruption.
  • Religious fundamentalists and intolerance.
  • Nationalisms.
  • Differences in gender, differences in sexual proclivities, differences in spiritual matters.

Last but not least, this is the list of things we really should not care about at all, and we need to stop giving so much attention to:

  • Celebrities.
  • Gossip.
  • Professional athletes.
  • Politicians and religious leaders.
  • Hate mongers.
  • War mongers.

I believe that it is time to focus more on the things we have the ability to put our intent on, rather than the distractions and circuses we see in the modern mediascape. We need to be less concerned with who is gay or straight, conservative or liberal, black or white, male or female, religious or atheist and all other polar oppositions. We need to focus on ourselves and the people we care about and give more of our time and energy to that.

Opening more channels for more people to be free in no way lessens the freedom for the rest of us. The universe is abundant, and as such there is more than enough freedom and peace and happiness for everyone.

Give that some though before you post that next critical meme, that next negative political cartoon, that next news article about a given politician, celebrity or athlete and their doings. It is true that the less attention they get the louder they will becomeā€¦until, ignored, they fade back into the background noise.

When we take our focus away from these largely unimportant things and place it on ourselves and the people around us, I believe we can all be stronger, better balanced and happier.

Just an idea I wanted to share.