Even though Pathwalking is for yourself, sometimes you will encounter guides along your way.

Yes, I recognize that this is an inherent paradox. I often have talked about how Pathwalking is a solo process. And yet now I am putting it out there that from time to time you will encounter guides.

What about being wary of outside influences?

Not every outside influence is a bad thing. The issue with outside influences comes when you allow them to dominate your thought process and to have the control of your life that Pathwalking is intended to take. Your destiny is yours to control, and that is where wariness of outside influence becomes so important.

Sometimes, though, outside influences provide context, provide new viewpoints and direction you cannot find on your own.

This is particularly true when we come to the topic of guides.

What is a guide, and how is a guide different from a negative outside influence?

A guide is someone or something that helps you make your choices and assert your own empowerment of your life. Guides come in a number of different and unrelated forms.

There might be an informative book, which gives you new avenues and new ideas to help you along your way. It might be a blog, like this one, offering helpful suggestions and ideas to assist you to find, experience, and ultimately navigate your path.

I have taken elements of many different guides such as this as I have walked my path. The ideas from The Secret and from Tony Robbins and Paulo Coelho and many others have helped me to learn that there is a broader, more incredible universe than I could possibly have imagined on my own, beyond my own rather expansive imagination. THIS world holds wonders even more incredible than those I have dreamed up for my fictional worlds, and I have been shown this in unique ways by different writers and philosophers.

These guides helped me to create my own philosophy, and to choose to begin my own walk along my own path. From these resources I have created Pathwalking, with which I want to live the life I would most desire to choose for myself.

Another guide might be a teacher, a close friend, a family member, a lover, a guru. There might be some mentor to whom you can turn for guidance, who might provide you with insights you have not come across on your own. There might be someone who can open you up to new worlds, show you their own ways and help you to uncover your own.

This can take several forms, from going to a teacher in order to learn a specific thing to a casual comment that unlocks something previously hidden to even an argument that can open your eyes to a new path. A guide may be someone completely unexpected, who may even be initially perceive as being a negative outside influence, yet who helps you on your path.

Guides will invariably turn up along your path. You will know the difference between a guide and a negative outside influence by how they make you feel. Yes, even if the guide seems to be showing you a negative, when you have taken in what they have shared, you will know. A guide gives you information that makes you want to say “Yes! That’s it! I’ve got it! That’s right!” and similar positive affirmations. A negative influence makes you want to say “No, that’s not right. That can’t be it. This feels wrong. I don’t think so,” and similar negative statements.

When you are immersed in walking your path, and you are wholly aware not only of the goal, but of the journey along the way, you will be attuned to your destiny. When your heart and mind and soul are in sync, you will know the difference in how you feel if you are dealing with a guide versus a negative outside influence. The information will resonate with you, and it will make perfect sense, as though you have always known it…even when you didn’t.

Sometimes we seek guides. You might be stuck and in need of a new idea or a different direction when you come across a program or the works of some writer, or when a friend posts something online that provides guidance. There is always something new to be shared, and guides can help us to learn what we might need and want.

Though I walk this path on my own, and only I can choose my destiny and control my actions and emotions, I am not alone. I have found different guides from different sources, and I use these to enrich my path and to help me find what is best for me. I know that this can and will change, and I know that I might encounter a different guide along the way to help me choose a new direction.

So long as you are the decision maker, a guide can be unbelievably helpful along your path. When you are calm, relaxed and at peace you will best know if you are in the presence of a guide or otherwise.

What guides will help you along your path?


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