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Month: May 2014


Consider, gentlemen, why you should not be offended.

If, like me, you are a white male, you have a certain amount of privilege you likely do not even recognize, and totally take for granted. Sure, you may have something about you that garners ridicule, scorn and maybe teasing – but that is nothing compared to what most women face directly or indirectly regularly.

Of course this is a generalization, but it is a VERY important generalization. Men are rarely subject to catcalls, to having to rebuff advances because of a simple glance, to having to ignore someone starring at their breasts instead of their face. We do not have to consider how much cleavage we expose or how tight our pants are or the length of our skirt in order to maintain “propriety” or “decency” or what-have-you.

I have written before about the political and socio-economics of the inequality between the genders. I asked the rest of the men I know to take a stand, and stop supporting the politicians and the outlets of discrimination and such.

Today I am asking you to take this a step further. We have to no longer be passive in social settings, we have to be active. We have to take a stand and show how much we believe in equality between both of our genders (and all gender identities).

We cannot brush off commentary about how a woman is dressed, we cannot just ignore catcalls and inappropriate jokes that help perpetuate the inequality of our society. We have to alter our own perceptions to be better attuned to the rampant and ugly and entirely artificial divide between man and woman.

I am not asking you to practice political correctness or to call out any random stranger you encounter on the streets or across the internet. I am asking you to consider you own words, your own attitude, and to speak out in support of all the women who have had to contend with harassment and a double standard we are wholly incapable of experiencing.

The message of #yesallwomen is not anti-men. It is not meant to offend, it is not meant to attack…it is intended to show us something that we cannot possibly fathom from the comfort of our artificial patriarchal majority. It is meant to call attention to the out-of-control misogyny in our society.  It is meant to expose the double-standard in social conventions, and to call attention to a problem that, frankly, should not exist.

If you, like me, wish to see the extension of equality between everyone, no matter gender identity, then there is no reason to take offense over yesallwomen. We should be in support of this idea. We should stand in agreement, we should speak up and offer our endorsement, to show that the message is getting through, and we want to spread it further.

We all should be asking – What else can I do to help?

Pathwalking 126

There are many people who suffer from self esteem issues.

It is surprising just how many people have poor self esteem. It is often masked in one of a myriad of ways, and so well hidden as to be unrecognizable. But a lack of self esteem can be soul crushing, and can easily derail you from any path you might choose.

Before you can do anything for anyone, yourself included, you have to have self-respect. This is an aspect of self esteem, without which you will find effort to do anything at all to be difficult at best.

So what is the importance of esteem, anyhow? defines it thus:

verb (used with object)

1. to regard highly or favorably; regard with respect or admiration: I esteem him for his honesty.

2. to consider as of a certain value or of a certain type; regard: I esteem it worthless.

3. Obsolete. to set a value on; appraise.


4. favorable opinion or judgment; respect or regard: to hold a person in esteem.

5. Archaic. opinion or judgment; estimation; valuation.

This makes SELF esteem about regarding yourself favorably, respectfully, knowing you are valuable. To hold a positive opinion of yourself, to see yourself as worthwhile. It is unbelievably important that you have good self esteem.

Why does my self esteem matter? Because if you do not know your own value as a person, if you do not think well of yourself, if you do not respect yourself, you will be unable to travel any path at all. How can you make a knowledgeable choice when you lack the necessary knowledge of the self to have good self esteem?

For many this is one of the hardest concepts to accept. A lot of people have low self esteem, or serious lack in self esteem. They believe in the lie that they are not worthy, are undeserving, do not have equal value to their peers.

I have spent a great deal of my life with low self esteem. I could not believe that I had the same worth as my friends, I did not believe that I deserved the happiness and the success I wanted. I could not believe that I deserved all the love and joy I desired.

I still struggle with this. There are good days and bad days. There are still times I sink low, I allow myself to be the butt of the joke, I make that humorous quip to divert attention away from the sense that I haven’t the right to want what I want for myself. I wonder if I am lacking in sanity for this whole concept, that Pathwalking is a lie I have told myself, and that I should just accept my place as a cog in the great machine of the Universe.

This is not the truth. Period. The truth is that I AM worthy, I DO deserve to gain the favor of the Universe, I AM a good and deserving person. I have every right to believe what I believe, and to choose my own path. I have value in this world in multiple ways.

I am not alone. You also deserve to have good self esteem. I can tell you I believe that you are a good and worthy and deserving person until I am blue in the face. However, until you accept and KNOW that that is true, and you hold yourself in the highest esteem, it does not matter. I cannot make you esteem yourself, that falls to you and you alone.

I can hold up the mirror, I can show you what I see – but I cannot make you look. I cannot know that you will see yourself as I see you. Yet because I have good self esteem, because of how I value myself and hold myself in good regard, it will help brighten the reflection, and provide you with more illumination.

There are those who prey upon the weak. They seek out the people with low self esteem, no sense of self, and they feed. They play on their fears, they dangle their hopes like a cat toy on a stick, within your claws but beyond your grasp. They like that you do not hold yourself in high regard, and they use that to disempower you.

If you know your worth, believe in your value and that you are deserving of respect, you will find that it is easier to see paths, and ultimately to choose them. What’s more, when you esteem yourself, you will find it far easier to see and show the same in those around you. Self esteem is a positive force, and the more positive forces we put out there, the more paths we open for everyone.

No one but you can know the state of your self esteem. But what I can tell you is that you ARE worthy, you deserve to gain the favor of the Universe, and you ARE a good and deserving person. I hope that if I can see it, so can you.

Do you hold your self in high esteem?


This is the one-hundred twenty sixth entry in my series. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Feel free to re-blog.  Thank you for joining me.

The first year of Pathwalking is available in print and for your Kindle.

Positivity: Respect

There are many people deserving of respect.

Status does not matter.  Social standing is unimportant.  It is actions that command respect.  Whether it is a trauma doctor saving a dying patient, a soldier defending her country, a teacher educating children or a plumber keeping your basement dry, the service they perform is deserving of respect.

We have become somewhat jaded as a nation when it comes to this.  Discussions about bad pay and overpayment and benefits or a lack thereof cloud the importance of the people who perform these jobs.  We get so caught up in the negative news about the latest scandal or scam or what-have-you that we do not see the majority, the countless good people who deserve our respect for jobs well done.


Respect is earned.  It is not a blanket emotion given on a whim or at the drop of a hat, but it is earned.  There are many ways in which a person might earn the respect of others, some grand and some simple.  Nevertheless, those who do earn respect deserve it.

Memorial Day is intended to remember the brave who have sacrificed their time, their health and sometimes even their lives to protect freedom and the people they love.  This can be hard to give attention to with all the barbecues and sales and other commercial applications of the day.

That is not to say that there should be no barbecues and sales and commercial applications on this day – those we are remembering did what they have done to that we can enjoy these freedoms and as such we should celebrate.  This, however, should not be the only day we show them the respect they have earned.

I personally could never have been a soldier.  There are numerous examples in my life showing where I don’t do so well with authority, and giving voice where I see foolishness and stupidity.  But I have tremendous respect for those who can and do serve, and to them I say well done.


Beyond those we think of on this holiday, we should give more regular consideration to everyone who earns respect.  I can think of no one who does not appreciate being thanked for their service, whatever it may be, and to get respect it is imperative to give it.  Additionally, do not neglect that you should respect yourself.  When you can respect yourself, you can more easily respect others.  A more respectful world is a more positive world.

Finding positivity is not hard, it just requires action.  Knowing that there are many who have earned and deserve your respect, it is good to show them your appreciation in whatever way you can.  When we are more respectful of everyone, ourselves included, we are more positive.  Respect begets respect, and we can use this to create a better, happier, more positive world.  When you have more respect for yourself and you share it with others, you generate for all the world around you more Positivity.  Positive attitude begets positive energy, and that is always a good thing.


This is the seventeenth entry of my Positivity series.  It is my hope these weekly messages might help spread positive energies for everyone.  Feel free to re-blog and spread the positivity.

Pathwalking 125

Showing vulnerability is not weakness.

Everybody is vulnerable.  It does not matter who you are, what you have gone through in this life, what experiences you have had.  Everybody has vulnerabilities.

This is simply a part of human nature.  We all have something that makes us vulnerable, and it is something different for each and every one of us.

What does vulnerable mean, anyhow? defines it as such:


1.capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, as by a weapon: a vulnerable part of the body. to moral attack, criticism, temptation, etc.: an argument vulnerable to refutation; He is
vulnerable to bribery

3. (of a place) open to assault; difficult to defend: a vulnerable bridge.

Capable of being attacked morally, susceptible to being wounded or hurt.  That is what the idea of vulnerability breaks down to, and it is that which we spend a great deal of time resisting.

The thing is, there is no one who is without that vulnerability.  Everyone can be morally attacked and criticized, everyone can be susceptible to being wounded or hurt by words, actions and inactions in many ways worse than any weapon might be able to.  There is no one above this, no one who is bulletproof from showing they are vulnerable.

Because this is something faced by everyone, it is not a weakness.  Weakness is avoiding vulnerability, weakness is ignoring that you have these holes in your armor, and it is weakness to be incapable of being accountable for your vulnerability.

Pathwalking can be liberating, it can be empowering.  However, it can also open a number of wounds, and it can expose your vulnerabilities.  I choose my own path, I take control of my life and walk my own way.  In so doing, I expose myself to ridicule, criticism, and open myself to being hurt by others.

I know this.  I am aware of this.  I accept that this is so.  Because I make myself accountable for my own vulnerabilities, then I am also responsible for how I let them be exploited.  When they are exposed, and when they are attacked it is on me how I react to that.

If I allow my vulnerability to hamper me when there is criticism, if I am unaware of the possibility of this, that is where weakness lies.  When I can deal with the attack, when I can accept the criticism and continue onwards my vulnerability in fact opens up my strength.

We are taught that we need to be strong.  We are taught that we need to hide our vulnerabilities, and we need to show our perseverance, and our strength.  But since everyone everywhere is vulnerable in some form or other, what sense does denying it make?

We are not capable of being whole until we can see all sides of ourselves.  That means the good, the bad, the ugly, the incredible, the unique and more.  We need to be able to be comfortable with all aspects of ourselves, and that means our imperfections and vulnerabilities.

Showing that you are vulnerable does not make you weak.  It makes you, in many ways, stronger.  It exposes you in your most exploitable way, but then allows you to show that you are able to handle the worst that can be done to you.  It shows that you can deal with these exposed parts of your psyche.

Vulnerability is only a weakness if you let it be.  You know it is there, you know that it exists, and you become increasingly aware of what it takes to exploit it.  When that happens, how you cope with the situation and how you react is where you choose to let it be a strength or a weakness.

If you work to overcome your vulnerability, if you fight back or let it go and move on quickly, you actually are showing you are strong.  If, however, you wallow in it, let it define you, let yourself be overwhelmed in negativity and self-doubt, then it exposes your weakness.  But the vulnerability itself is not weakness.

We humans are an interesting paradox.  We are the most perfect imperfect beings there are.  We love to feel good, but persist in doing things that make us feel bad.  We see the vulnerabilities in others and fear those we see in ourselves.  We are quick to see the strengths of our companions but the weaknesses in ourselves.

Pathwalking is choice.  Life is choice.  You have vulnerabilities.  I have vulnerabilities.  Everyone has them.  As such, everyone can choose how to cope with them, and can choose whether to let them show your strength, or show your weakness.

Where are you vulnerable, and how do you handle it?


This is the one-hundred twenty fifth entry in my series. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Feel free to re-blog.  Thank you for joining me.

The first year of Pathwalking is available in print and for your Kindle.

Positivity: Amongst Friends

There is nothing quite like time amongst friends.

I got to spend a long weekend with some amazing friends.  There was tons of great conversation, inside jokes, laughter, and camaraderie.  I got to spend quality time with my chosen family, got to build better friendships with others, and even made several new friends along the way.

There is nothing quite like friendship to generate positive energy.  I am always pleasantly surprised by how swiftly hanging out with friends makes me feel good.


We are social creatures, which can be easy to forget.  Despite the internet and social media and every other form of communications available to us, face-to-face person-to-person time with one another is essential to our overall wellbeing.  We need time in a situation in which we are unquestionably not alone in this world.

Sometimes our friends are the closest people to us.  They “get” us.  They understand us.  They know our sense of humor, they know how we view the universe.  While you are born into your family, you choose the people you call friends…or they choose you.

Like everything else, friendships are imperfect.  We argue, we fight, sometimes we cause feelings to be hurt.  But when all is said and done it is our friends who reach out to us when they see we are in need, it is friends whom you can turn to for assurance, assistance, and sometimes just an ear or a shoulder to release emotions to.


It is essential to health and happiness to socialize.  Finding time to spend with your friends out and about in the world can generate an amazing amount of positive energy.  When we are constantly inundated by bad news and negativity, anything that can generate more positivity can go a long ways towards keeping us happier.  Anything that helps to make us happy keeps us thinking more positively.  Thinking more positively allows us to create better lives for ourselves.  When our own lives are better, we influence our friends just as they influence us for the better.  When more of us are positive, we generate more positivity for everyone.

Finding positivity is not hard, it just requires action.  Knowing that you need to be social, making time to spend amongst friends is essential to health and wellbeing for happiness.  When we are happy, we are more positive.  When you make time to relax, enjoy the company of others and laughter and general social time, having a circle of people around you who are like-minded generates positive energy.  When you have more positive energy for yourself and you share it with your friends, you generate for all the world around you more Positivity.  Positive attitude begets positive energy, and that is always a good thing.


This is the sixteenth entry of my Positivity series.  It is my hope these weekly messages might help spread positive energies for everyone.  Feel free to re-blog and spread the positivity.


Pathwalking 124

Sometimes you find you are traveling upon more than one path.

I have stated multiple times that there are many paths to choose.  There is always an option, or a number of options before you in any given situation.

While it is certainly easier if you can choose just one single path, often it is difficult to do so.

What’s more, given our nature and diversity of personality, it is also difficult for any single path you have chosen to give you full satisfaction with your life.

What does that mean?  We all have an appetite to fulfill certain needs, wants, and desires.  There are three key elements, no matter what the need is.  Tangible or intangible, want or need, everything of this nature be identified as spiritual, emotional, or physical.

More than once I have pointed out the division of mind/body/spirit, and in so doing called attention to both differences and similarities.  Each of these can be further seen from the viewpoint of the emotional/physical/spiritual.  Some things will stimulate each of these individually, some will cut across them all, while some will be any given combination of these adjectives.

As such, while one path may lead you where you wish to go physically, another, different path may take you along the journey you desire emotionally, while yet another may direct you towards spiritual necessities.

Along the way, all three of these may cross, intersect, split apart into vastly different directions, maybe even spin you around.  Each of these paths likely will correspond with one another from time to time, and are just as likely to diverge from each other as well.

Difficult enough to choose and follow a single path, but how do you balance following multiple paths?  Choice.  It all comes down to choosing the path, and following it.  In the case of needing to fulfill different needs with different paths, it is important to prioritize.  It is also important to recognize that different paths need to be followed at different times, for any number of reasons, logical or otherwise.

Remember that everything in Pathwalking is fluid.  Really, I probably should have named this Pathswimming, because the path is far more likely to resemble a river or stream than one of earth and stone.  The path itself will be twisted and bent by obstacles it must flow around, under, through and over, not to mention your navigation of it.

But that’s the beauty of Pathwalking.  In choosing your own path, you can direct the flow, and how you want it to go.  You can carve out new channels for the water to flow into, or dam up the flow to create the pool at the end of the path you have chosen.  Even when you have more than one path you are traversing at a time, you can have and take control and make choices.

I am frequently writing about obstacles in the path, bumps, twists, turns, so on and so forth.  I have made it clear that you may discover the path you believed in and chose may turn out to no longer be working for you, and thus you have to choose another.  In having more than one path to travel at a time, you can readily transfer yourself between them.

Additionally, having more than one path to travel at a time does not mean that you must travel all of them, every day.  There is no rule for how long you take to travel on any given path, the key is choosing a path to travel, and then doing it.  That might mean you give this path your attention today, and that path your time tomorrow.  The measure of time upon a given path is not important, it is finding, acknowledging, and ultimately choosing to travel the path that matters.  Minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, or however long, the choice is yours to make.

I see people on the treadmill of life every day.  It is not a path, as the treadmill leads you to nowhere.  Sure, you are walking along, and you can even be facing a simulation of a real path.  But you are going nowhere, and the ground beneath your feet may be moving, but there is no direction, no true journey.  That is not control of your life, that is not choice.

I am on more than one path in life.  I have more than one goal for myself, and though there is an overarching path upon which I travel, there are other trails to be followed from time to time.  Different times will find me along different paths, but no matter which I find myself on, I have chosen to seek them, and traverse them.

When all is said and done, I believe that it is better to have the control and take for myself the choices life offers.  I am not a drone, I do not want a life someone else has chosen for me.  I am a Pathwalker, and I am proud that even when I appear to be no closer to the goal I am after, I still know there is something to be gained by having chosen this path.  I also know that by walking more than one path at a time, it is easy to change gears if one path dead-ends or turns in an unwanted direction.

Pathwalking is not just about the goal at the end of the voyage, it is about the journey itself.  There is so much to learn, experience, do and feel.  When you choose what path you wish from life, the opportunities to learn along the path are exponentially larger, more intense, and more varied.  You can spend time observing the nuances of life along the path, rather than watching your feet or the closing of the distance between you and your goal.

Do you know the paths before you?


This is the one-hundred twenty fourth entry in my series. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Feel free to re-blog.  Thank you for joining me.

The first year of Pathwalking is available in print and for your Kindle.

Positivity: Well Done!

Well done!

Two powerful words that can change a negative into a positive.  These two words can provide the compliment that tells you what you are doing or have done is appreciated, and that you have worth and value.

Everybody wants to feel good about themselves.  As much as our emotions are wholly our own, and we ultimately decide how to feel, no matter the outside influence…we still crave the satisfaction, the validation for whatever thing it is we are doing.


When someone tells you that you have done well, there is a sense of elation.  You feel as though through all of your hard work, your value has been recognized, and appreciated.  You get that amazing sense of self that you are worthwhile, deserving, and desired.

Context does not matter, whether you are being congratulated for a tangible or an intangible.  When you hear the words “Well done!” and they are spoken to compliment and encourage, it is the generator for an amazing, extremely positive feeling.

It does not matter what your background may be, it does not matter where you come from in life, being told that what you have done or are doing is valued can go a long, long ways towards how you face each day.  Being told by another that they see your worth, that they appreciate what you do creates incredible positivity.

You are worthy.  You deserve to be complimented.  You have value, and you have every right to relish in that positivity.  For who you are, for what you do, for all your struggles to overcome adversity, for the trials, tribulations, efforts, obstacles, victories, triumphs, successes – for being the incredible person that you are – WELL DONE!

Consider how those two words make YOU feel.  Do you think that if you utter them to another, you might help THEM feel positivity, too?  We are quick to damn, we are quick to criticize, but we are slow to compliment and slow to praise.  Why do we seek to point out negatives when we find we respond better to the positives?  Is it just easier to be negative than to be positive?


I believe that we all need more positivity in our lives.  That is why every week I strive to show you a bigger, better, happier, more positive world that already exists around us – but we need to overcome an incredible wash of negativity to recognize it.  One way we can all generate more positive energy is if we all make the effort to stop ourselves from criticizing, and work to more frequently praise and acknowledge that which is “Well done!”

Finding positivity is not hard, it just requires action.  Knowing that you prefer to be praised rather than damned, you can recognize your own power.  When you can see past the limitations being negative and criticizing creates, you can do your part to choose what you would prefer.  Accepting you deserve to receive praise will generate Positivity.  Positive attitude begets positive energy, and that is always a good thing.


This is the fifteenth entry of my Positivity series.  It is my hope these weekly messages might help spread positive energies for everyone.  Feel free to re-blog and spread the positivity.

Pathwalking 123

Pathwalking can be as simple as 1-2-3.

However, we have an amazing capacity for over-complicating our lives.  Every day need not be a struggle.

Many of the things we find challenging are only a difficulty because we MAKE them difficult.

We are all hard wired with this need to have a system of beliefs.  There are things we know, things we are absolutely certain of, and while some of these things are in fact solid and unchangeable, more than most of us think are actually malleable and can be changed.

We have responsibilities.  Bills need to be paid, our pets and children need to be fed, we have duties and obligations to coworkers and friends and family.  We allow ourselves the needs and the familiarity of fulfilling those needs to dominate every aspect of our thinking, and as such we forget that we have more power than that.

As much as it is important that we employ critical thinking in what we do with our lives, we also need to see the omens and follow the signs.  The middle ground between these is the place where we can find, have, and walk the path we would choose.

In Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, we learn that the secret of Alchemy is written on a single emerald.  And yet to interpret that secret, scientists and scholars write volumes of texts.  Rather than just accepting the simplicity of a great complexity, we need to analyze and break it down and give it our own color, our own interpretation.

I have stated time and again that everything is energy.  Some groups that work with energy ascribe to it light and dark properties.  They see good energy and bad energy, and they strive to only use one aspect of it.  George Lucas did this with Star Wars, giving The Force and its focused energies a dark side and a light side.

Energy is neutral.  There is no light and dark, energy just IS.  No matter what form it has taken, physical or otherwise, energy is energy.

We have only a minute understanding of this simple but ultimately complex notion.  Science strives to find an explanation, diving into the depths of the atom to discover and identify subatomic particles to learn the precise how and why that makes energy tick.

Likewise, theologians also strive to find an explanation, but instead of science they seek the divine and look for the hand of whichever deity they believe in within everything.  God is the machine, the maker and creator of all, and they seek his/her/their origin and purpose in making life.

No matter which of these you might follow, or not, the point is that we have this unique need to overly complicate our lives.  I am not saying that there is no merit in digging into science or seeking a greater connection to the divine – however we need not take such complicated paths in our own, personal, everyday lives to find happiness.

How easy can it be?  Once more, we hit a paradox.  Nothing worth having is ever easy, that’s true.  However, all we have to do is be happy.  That’s it.  That simple.  That easy.  Just be happy.

Now here’s the complicated part.  We are inundated by things that will not allow us to find happiness easily.  We have stress at work, arguments with friends and family, debts we cannot pay, people we disappoint, and so on.  But worse, we have been led to believe that we do not necessarily deserve to simply be happy.  In especial when we see those we care about having a hard time doing so.

Pathwalking is about choice.  I know we cannot, and frankly should not, go through life simply feeling happy.  Circumstances are going to see to that.  However, how long we hold onto the things that deny us our happiness is entirely our choosing.  If we dwell in sadness, if we choose to let negativity overwhelm us every day, it becomes harder and harder to simply be happy.

I am going to do something different this time.  I issue you a challenge.  Really, I am issuing myself this challenge.  Find five minutes EVERY DAY for the next week to flood yourself in happiness.  Use whatever means it takes to experience joy – music, comedy, physical activites or what-have-you, and allow happiness to suffuse your person for five minutes.  Not a vague sense of happiness, I mean full-on, smiles and laughter and feeling joy and love happiness.  I suspect this could go a long ways towards improving any given day.

Pathwalking is choice.  We can choose to struggle day to day, we can choose to allow ourselves to feel happy or sad.  We do not need to live in the complexities we have built ourselves, life can be imminently simpler.

Have you allowed yourself five minutes of pure happiness today?


This is the one-hundred twenty third entry in my series. These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way. Feel free to re-blog.  Thank you for joining me.

The first year of Pathwalking is available in print and for your Kindle.

Positivity: No Limits

You are capable of anything.

You have the ability to make your own life.  You are empowered with a strength that separates us from the rest of the animals walking this earth.  You can choose who to be, where to live, what sort of job to work, the people you associate with.  Beyond the physical, you can choose to be happy or sad or strong or weak.

You have no limitations but those you set upon yourself.  We are amazing creatures with the ability to imagine fantastical things, and more to make them reality.


Science fiction has been giving us futures with amazing devices and fantastical life-changing machines.  Look back just fifty years or so and you will see the dreams of many writers are the reality of our world today.  Portable communication devices, an invisible network with information from every corner of the world, knowledge at our fingertips, the International Space Station; unheard of fantasy half a century ago is the reality we live every day.

The world we have created we have done so because inventors, dreamers, scientists and others saw past limitations and pressed the envelope.  They chose to go beyond what we knew was possible to create something more.  Many of these were great minds.  Some were simply cogs in a machine where multiple minds made and refined ideas into realities.

You are as capable of making great things as any of these inventors.  Famous or unknown, every one of us can push past our limitations and make the world we would choose to live in.

Despite what we see of our so-called leaders and their arrogance, corruption and greed, we are still empowered to make our own lives.  We need far less to be happy than what we are led to believe we need.  It starts from within, and radiates out.  It starts small, like a snowball, and as it rolls down a snowy hill increases in size exponentially, until the small bit of happiness becomes an avalanche of positive energy.


Yes, this is cliché.  Yes, it has been said before, and to many it comes out as hippy-crunchy hooky-spooky new-agey bullshit.  This does not make it any less true.  We are limitless, unless you believe the limitations you have been given.  We are capable of anything.

Finding positivity is not hard, it just requires action.  Knowing that we are capable of anything and are only as limited as we accept ourselves to be, we can find happiness and make our own corner of the world a better place.  When you can see past the limits you set upon yourself, you can create a life with few complications and an abundance of happiness.  Accepting your own empowerment will let you break free of your self-imposed limitations, and generate Positivity.  Positive attitude begets positive energy, and that is always a good thing.


This is the fourteenth entry of my Positivity series.  It is my hope these weekly messages might help spread positive energies for everyone.  Feel free to reblog and spread the positivity.

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