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Month: June 2012

Pathwalking 26

I regularly use the phrase Consciousness Creates Reality.  The question you might ask is – what does that mean, and how does it relate to Pathwalking?

I borrowed this phrase long ago from my best friend, and find it is probably the truest phrase I have ever heard or spoken.  The meaning is both deeply simple and utterly complex.

Consciousness – this is awareness.  Awareness of the self, awareness of one’s surroundings, the general acknowledgement of being.

Creates – the process of creating.  To cause to come into existence.  To make, substantial or otherwise.

Reality – the world we all live in.

Ergo:  Awareness makes the world we live in.  Being aware of your thoughts, being aware of your surroundings and such causes to exist the world as you wish it to be.

To all intents and purposes, this is the whole point of Pathwalking.  On this path, I am seeking to create the way I live my life, and go as I want to go, be as I wish to be.

This is challenging, as previously mentioned, due to working against outside forces, keeping focused, feeling rather than just thinking – but when all is said and done, this is utterly worthwhile.

This notion has become increasingly popularized over the years.  Some have even achieved commercial success with marketing the concept.  You have probably heard of one or more of these: The Power of Positive Thinking, The Secret, How to Win Friends and Influence People, the Law of Attraction, etc.

No matter what label you choose, even if you chose no label at all, the gist of Pathwalking is to do exactly this.  Creating your reality consciously.

Certainly it is easier to just go with the flow of the day to day.  It takes no effort to just let whatever is going to happen, happen.  When all is said and done, letting life simply happen is easy.  I suppose, for some people, this is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle.  And I suppose, arguably, there needs to be people out in the world doing just that.   This would not work for me, but I suppose some might prefer simple, uncomplicated lives.

I find living that way to not only be dull, but to be tremendously unfulfilling.   I’ve lived that way for extended periods in much of my adult life, and spent large amounts of time thinking there had to be more…there was something beyond this simplicity.  At first I thought it was a matter of achieving some sort of fame or greatness…but then I realized that it was much more important to fulfill my own heart.  That is what truly matters.

I have made numerous attempts over the years to make my own way.  I have tried with limited success to choose and walk my own path.  This time, I am taking it to the next level.  This time I am putting forth this entire notion, and using my own consciousness to create the reality I desire.  And I am sharing my process with you with all of these posts.

Every week I am putting forth ideas for choosing the direction and doing the action of walking a path of my own choosing, and I share this to help myself succeed in this quest.  Applying consciousness to create this reality is a sometimes daunting, constantly evolving, never-ending task.

But everything I am encountering on this journey, every new discovery, every obstacle and opportunity I encounter as I walk this path is fulfilling that which I have been looking for, providing for that more interesting life I have always wanted to lead.

And not more interesting due to accident and coincidence.  More interesting because I am consciously working to create my reality.  I am making every effort to discover, and walk the path of my choosing.  Rather than accepting my “destiny”, I will choose it.

Am I aware of what I am thinking about, what I am feeling, and what my consciousness creates?  Are you?


This is the twenty-sixth entry in my series.  These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way.  Thank you for joining me.

Working on the only thing we really have control over

What if we all focused on ourselves for a while?

I don’t mean everyone should become selfish – I mean rather than focusing on all the outside influences and all the negatives of the world, we redirect our focus on ourselves, and work to improve what we can in our own lives.

This might be a radical idea, but as I read the news and all the negative things going on out there – be it political, religious, monetary, whatever – I find my own emotions being stretched and torn and toyed with…and I get caught up in concerns about things that, when all is said and done, I have no control over.

I have ZERO control over any person other than myself.  Period.  I can certainly work hard to persuade and influence as I see fit…but, really, does that actually mean I have any control over how anyone else thinks or feels?  Nope.

But when it comes to me – when it comes to my thought process, my emotions, my desires, my feelings – I am 100% in control of this.  At least – I should be.  Unless I allow outside influences control, I am wholly responsible for myself.

And this is what I am getting on about here.  The one and only thing any of us have utter and complete control over is ourselves.  No matter how close our friends, family or coworkers, we still have no actual control over them, their actions, or the way we react to them and the feelings they produce in us.

Extend that out further.  If we have no control over those closest to us, it goes to follow that we have absolutely no control over those in the outer circle.  Our bosses, the guy from three cubicles down who talks too loud, the police officer pulling us over for speeding, the local gossips…we have no control when it comes to them.

Widening the circles, if we have no control with our inner circles or outer circles, then we have even less than zero control over the broader aspects of our lives.  Religious zealots, inane governments, greedy corporations…we can do nothing to even try, really, to influence these.

I keep using the word control here – and that is because, while not everyone is a control freak – I think all too easily we let the things we have no control over what-so-ever affect and influence US.  We get caught up in all kinds of BS so far outside of us, that we get lost, and we get upset and give up any control over our thoughts and feelings…and lose even more.

What if we narrow that circle?  Rather than looking to the things we have no control or direct influence over, we focus on the only thing we do have – ourselves?  Rather than discussing how upset the government is making us, how unfair the corporate greed is, how disturbing the treatment of ‘x’ group is…we turn our sights inwards, and work on our own peace, contentment, even happiness?

I have come to believe that if we spent more time getting to know ourselves, did more to take care of ourselves and think about our thoughts and feelings, we can affect change in the broader circles.  Since we alone can control ourselves, and we have no control over any others…if we take that control, there is less need to influence and control what we cannot.

It is, of course, a two-way street.  We seek to control that outside of us which we cannot – and there are many from those outer circles seeking to control and influence US.  If instead we focus on ourselves for a change, and do not allow those outside influences control…then we can improve the world from the only place that is possible – within ourselves.

Certainly we can have an influence on other people.  But influence is not the same as control.  The only people we have any actual control over is ourselves.  And by the same token, the people we have the greatest influence over is ourselves.  Maybe if we turn away from the outside influences, and work instead on the inside ones – maybe we can turn this world around for the better.

“But M,” you might ask me, “by writing this and placing it on the internet for all the world to see, aren’t YOU trying to influence the world around you? Isn’t that a contradiction of the idea you are putting out here?”  Yes.  And no.  I am not so much trying to influence you, as much as I am trying to show you something you already know.  I am suggesting you do something you are already more than capable of doing.

And this is not a contradiction for this simple reason – I am not suggesting you follow ME, or any other person or ideal or what-have-you – I am suggesting you follow YOURSELF.  I am largely putting this idea out here for myself.  Reminding myself to not let YOU influence ME…reminding myself that the only thing I have control over is ME.  And suggesting the same may be advantageous to YOU.

I am not suggesting some radical idea, or some utterly new-fangled notion.  I am suggesting something you already know.  I am explaining how I believe, if we focus more on ourselves and less on the world outside of ourselves, we can actually make the outside world a better place.

In the words of William Shakespeare – “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

Pathwalking 25

Thought + Feeling + Action = Pathwalking.  But another important element in this equation – quite possibly the glue that binds it, in fact – is discipline.

Last post, I explained my issues with feeling.  Thought I have little problem with, but feeling is a whole other issue.  It is time to discipline myself to work on feeling out my thoughts.

Discipline, unfortunately, has never been my strong suit.

Without discipline, accomplishing the act of walking one’s path, let alone reaching one’s goal, is tricky at best.  Arguably, it may be next to impossible to walk the path without discipline.

What does discipline mean?  Well, let’s pay a quick visit to our old friend,



1. training to act in accordance with rules; drill: military discipline.

2. activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training: A daily stint at the typewriter is excellent discipline for a writer.

3. punishment inflicted by way of correction and training.

4. the rigor or training effect of experience, adversity, etc.: the harsh discipline of poverty.

5. behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control: good discipline in an army.

verb (used with object)

10. to train by instruction and exercise; drill.

11. to bring to a state of order and obedience by training and control.

12. to punish or penalize in order to train and control; correct; chastise.

In this particular instance, it is definition 2 and definition 11 that are most apropos.  Pathwalking is an activity, exercise, or regimen to develop or improve a skill; and it can be said that Pathwalking is an attempt to bring about a state of order and obedience by training and control.

Since it is both a tangible thing and an action, it is very easy to see where discipline is the glue that binds together the thought+feeling+action one must combine to successfully walk the path.

It is arguably the lack of discipline that defines how most people live their lives.  Sure, we are conditioned to get out of bed, go to work or school, do what is expected of us, and repeat…but the conscious decision of choosing our actions, choosing our own path(s) – that requires discipline.

And it is not a one-time thing.  No, discipline must be enforced throughout, in order to stay the course, and stay on the path.  Without discipline, it is only a matter of time before some outside influence misdirects us, or our own doubts pull us away, or we give up and return to the conditioned routine, and let life live us, rather than the other way around.

I have long said the main reason I have not, nor could I ever have been a part of the military, is my lack of discipline.  I notoriously get sidetracked, distracted, distressed, and find myself off the path, and while I don’t give up easily, my lack of discipline makes this whole process take twice or thrice as long as it should.

How does one keep disciplined?  There are a few ways, but I find for me it’s a matter of holding onto my thought, applying feeling to my thought, and then taking necessary actions in order to manifest what I am after.

No, this process is not easy.  I do not always get it right – in fact, to be perfectly honest, it is usually a work in progress for me.  The idea is there, the knowledge that I need to feel the feeling is there – that actual act is the next challenge.

I have to not just think anymore.   I have to feel.  And when my thoughts and feelings are derailed, I have to use discipline to reclaim them.  I have to discipline myself to stay focused on the journey, and through the journey reach the intended goals.  If I can maintain my discipline, if I can well and truly bind the thought with the feeling and the action, I do not doubt, as I have done before, I can succeed.

And that is why this is all about discipline.  Just the act of these weekly posts is a discipline, reminding myself of my intent, causing myself to feel out where I am working to go, and helping me to focus.  Hopefully, since I know I am not alone on this journey, sharing my process is a help to others.

Discipline is the key I need to turn at this juncture, as I continue to walk my path.  And I hope you will continue to join me on this thoroughly exciting adventure.


This is the twenty-fifth entry in my series.  These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way.  Thank you for joining me.

Pathwalking 24

I am a thinker, not a feeler.  I am all about thought, rather than emotion.  And while, at times, this is advantageous – at times it really is not.

It’s all well and good, in the process of this whole Pathwalking notion, to think about what I intend.  But to really do it, to make it actually happen requires more than thought.  It requires intent.  It requires feeling.

And that, for me, is the challenge.  Feeling.

I know a number of people who are feelers, rather than thinkers.  They feel everything, and can draw to themselves any emotion at the drop of a hat; sadness, anger, happiness, joy, excitement, fear, love…take your pick.

This, however, is not how I work.  Due to life experiences in my youth, I learned how to shut myself off from emotions and feelings.  I learned how to logic them out, knew the concepts of how they should be – but didn’t actually FEEL them.

Then I started to learn a whole bunch of things about myself, and determined I needed to reopen this channel.  No easy task, but I started to not just think about things, but to feel again.

Stretch out with your feelings,” both Obi-Wan and Yoda instruct Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films.  And this is surprisingly good advice.  It’s amazing what you can intuit when you do.  You can get a better sense of the world around you – because it is far greater than all we can see, taste, touch, smell and hear.

While I am gifted with some empathic sensibilities, and some development of other sixth sense abilities, my skill with using feelings and emotions is less strong.

This is perhaps the largest obstacle I face in my walking the path I have chosen.  In order to really get where I need to go, to use my consciousness to create my reality, I cannot simply think about what I am doing…I have to feel it.  And if I cannot feel it, I cannot manifest it.

The power to manifest, I have learned, is directly proportional to the power to feel.  The more feeling you put behind your intent, the more energy you give it, and the more readily you realize your goal.

When, several years back, I was seriously injured, my entire focus was on recovery.  No distractions, no thoughts or feelings apart from my intent to recover.  I did not get angry, I did not get upset by my situation – I stayed focused.  And in far less time than medical science expected, I was healed.

I didn’t just think about my recovery…I felt it.  I held onto what it would feel like to be healed, to be as if I was never injured in the first place.  I felt focused, I felt positive, I felt good about the outcome.  And it worked.

Now the disbeliever would argue that medical science was involved, and the doctors did a tremendous amount of work putting me back together.  And I don’t disagree with that.  However, even the doctors were more often than not impressed by the speed and totality of my recovery.  I was healing more completely and more quickly than they believed possible.

So why is it so hard, over a decade later, to reclaim that precise focus?  How come I cannot once again feel the path I want to walk?  How come doubt still gets me down, robs me of focus, makes the vision seem to get further away when in fact it should be getting nearer.

Thought versus feeling.  When it was all about feeling, the thought didn’t take root, didn’t dominate.  Now it’s all about thought.  Because I get caught up in the hows the whats the whys and the wherefores I stumble as I walk my path.  Too much thinking robs me of feeling…and since, as stated at the beginning – I am a thinker not a feeler – thought only gives me twenty-five percent of the necessary energy needed to successfully walk my path.

I do believe that thought is only a quarter of all the energy needed.  And fifty percent is feeling.  The last quarter?  Actions.  You have to think about the path you wish to walk, then feel it, then actually walk it.  That is the action.  That is the make-up of this process.  You take the thought, feel it out, and then begin Pathwalking.

Walking the path with thought, but without feeling is not sufficient.  It’s a start, however.  And the process I need to work on is feeling my way forward, with my senses, with my mind, in order to truly know that this is the path I want…and then, to truly walk it.

Thought + Feeling + Action = Pathwalking.  That is the equation.  I have 50%.  But that means I am only halfway there.  I can and will find the lacking feeling, because this is who, what, why and wherefore I wish to be.

What am I thinking?  What are you thinking?


This is the twenty-fourth entry in my series.  These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way.  Thank you for joining me.

Pathwalking 23

The concept of Pathwalking has a lot of different definitions.  What is means for me is not what it will mean for you, or him, or her, or anyone else.

The idea is that you choose a path that you want to choose.  But an important aspect of this is that you can only choose for yourself.  You cannot choose a path for anyone else.

For some people, the path that brings them ultimate contentedness and happiness is utterly simple.  I imagine that for some people, the routine of get up/go to work/go home/spend time in front of the tv/go to bed/get up/repeat previous day IS their path.  Just because it doesn’t strike me as a worthwhile path does not mean that it is not.  So long as the person on this path CHOSE that path, and isn’t just going along in the routine due to the expectations of society/friends/family/etc, more power to them.

Just because I am choosing the path I wish to travel doesn’t mean that I judge others.  I don’t look at those in their routines and judge them.  I would like to help them see the world as I do, in this way…but I do not judge them for the life they lead.  Judgment isn’t a part of Pathwalking.

Do you like when people judge you?  I know I am not a fan.  And certainly some look to this notion, this Pathwalking idea, and judge ME.  Some of those people are close, some not so much.  And maybe this is all a part of human nature…but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it, doesn’t mean we cannot try to change it.

I am not here to judge other people on their choices.  My goal in writing these every week is to share a concept, an idea, and open up hearts and minds.  There is so much out there available to us, so much potential – and I want to share my excitement about it.

We live in interesting times. Some see that as a curse, but I see it as a possibility.  We have instant communications, information at our fingertips, and ideas can be shared around the world with the tapping of a key or two.  Changes in the world are often swift now, far from gradual.  The trouble here is that change, which is inevitable, invokes excitement in some, indifference in others, and for some outright fear.

One the reasons I choose this whole Pathwalking notion is because I don’t want to just wait for the world to have its way with me, let change just happen.  I want to choose it.  I want to choose my own destiny.  I want to make my own fate.  I want to be happy and content on my own terms.

I am focused on a path unique to me.  I am working on going my own way, doing my own thing, because I have determined that life is too short to just go along with what happens.  And my particular path is mine alone…and because of that, there are those who do not understand.

Don’t you think you should have a regular job?  How do you make ends meet?  Is that really a good idea, given the state of the economy?  How do you know your business is viable?  Do you really think you can make it as a writer?  Don’t you think you’re acting irresponsibly by doing this?  Do you think you are being wise with these choices?  Why can’t you do the normal thing?

These are questions and comments I hear from different people, some of whom are rather close to me.  These are also questions I sometimes ask myself, in moments of stress and doubt.  I have bills to pay, and responsibilities to attend to.  But I know if I let the doubt win, if I hang my head in defeat, I will always be stuck wondering “what if?”

Too long I looked to only the idea of walking my own path.  There were times I felt I had no choice, and went where the winds took me.  I spent a long time in that position, moving from routine job to routine job, finding no contentment in what I was doing.  I realized that a leap of faith was required, and I have to take the chance.

It can be exhausting to walk this path.  But I take a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that to live the life I want, and be the person I want to be, it is worth it.  And I hope that if you are not on a path of your own choosing, you can find one to your satisfaction.


This is the twenty-third entry in my series.  These weekly posts are specifically about walking along the path of life, and my desire to make a difference in this world along the way.  Thank you for joining me.


The Danger of Reactionaries

Why are we letting the reactionaries have so much power right now?

Politics and religion in particular are both currently being attacked by reactionaries – and they seem to be winning.  And this makes no sense at all.

What does it mean to be reactionary? says this:

re·ac·tion·ar·y (adjective)

1. of, pertaining to, marked by, or favoring reaction, especially extreme

conservatism or rightism in politics; opposing political or social change.

This covers a lot of politics and religion at the moment.   Pick a topic – gay marriage, censorship, propaganda, global warming, health care reform, taxes…every one of these topics has someone screaming about the evil of change, the immoral, or the unacceptable.  Unbelievable laws are getting onto the books, violating hard-won rights because a group of people with an agenda and obscene amounts of funding are gaining power and control.

Don’t believe me?   Look at the law inArizonaallowing employers to deny health insurance, or even employment, if a woman takes birth control.  Look at the states passing bans on gay marriage.  Look at the attack on equality happening against women and their bodies all over the country.  Look at the Taliban and their interpretation of Islamic law.  Look at the fundamental Christians, trying to tell us that even though Christ preached tolerance, we should be intolerant of those who do not worship him.

It began with anti-intellectualism.  Teaching “intelligent design” rather than evolution.  Meritocracy replaced by mediocrity.  Political correctness.  Laws in the name of protecting our children, our schools, our ‘freedoms’.  And now here we are, living in a country where issues many thought dealt with and left forty years in the past are resurfacing, and getting attention like never before.

Women fought for equality and got it (arguably, to a point).  Non-white-skinned people fought for equality, and got it (also, arguably, to a point).  Now its homosexuals fighting the same fight…but they are not alone.  Suddenly, issues dealt with decades ago are coming back up, and laws are being passed that violate privacy, the body of the individual, and even constitutionally protected rights.  And that’s just American politics.

How did it come to this?  How did these unreasonable, totally backwards notions gain any traction?  How can they be debating laws to forbid scientific pursuits and laws violating the rights of women to control their own bodies?  What happened?

Two things.  Fear and complacency.  And the two combined have become a dangerous weapon, being used to threaten the very fabric of what makes us the “land of the free.”

Fear has been used to pass all sorts of laws in the name of “homeland security”.  Fear continues to be used to keep taxes unbalanced, to fight wars outside our borders, and to gain and keep power for individuals.

Complacency has occurred because we’ve let the system self-perpetuate.  We allow the two parties to maintain their strangle hold on our government, and together they strive to hold onto their own power, to get constantly reelected, and to kowtow to their corporate overlords in the interests of their funding.  And rather than demand term limits, an end to the electoral college, or find more appropriate people to put in office, we just let the cycle go on and on.

But somewhere along the way, through their sabre-rattling and fear-mongering, special interests gained power where they stand in small but loud and well-funded minorities.  Reactionaries, selling visions of a bygone era where the world was a simpler, safer, happier place (that never actually existed) have begun to get their agendas through.

Maybe it’s always been this way, and we only know it more now because of the immediacy of the internet…but I don’t think that’s the case.  Constantly we are getting wind of restrictive, unfortunate laws getting passed, denying marriage, denying medical coverage, denying voting rights, segmenting and dividing our society further and further.

This has to stop.  We have to do something about this.

Take a look at this situation, and ask yourself if you can just let it be, or if you need to do something about it.  Because if we don’t take action soon, we will actually find ourselves in the police state these reactionaries claim they are trying to prevent – when, in fact, they are actually trying to create it.

A bill was signed into law allowing for indefinite detention for any suspected of terrorist or anti-American acts.  By putting this out there on the internet, I have to wonder how much I risk being arrested someday.  Maybe at the moment it’s nothing but a vague threat – but how long before those in power decide to use this to their advantage?  How long until they silence a free-thinker like me for suggesting that the government is broken and must be fixed or replaced?

I am not paranoid – but I am not delusional, either.  Look at some of what is going on out there, really take a look at it – and if you can convince me otherwise, I’ll appreciate it.

I am urging you to pay attention, and to stop ignoring what is going on – and fight back against the reactionary actions occurring out there.  Your freedom may not be threatened by it yet…but let it gain more traction, and it will be.

Believe me – I hope I am wrong.  I don’t want to make anyone out there afraid – this is not about fear.  I want people to be aware.  I want to see those who become aware spread the awareness.  And maybe we can gain traction of our own, and end these reactionary acts…before our liberty, our freedom, our “American way” is truly lost.

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