What can I do?

This is the question a lot of us, I believe, are asking.  In the face of global warming/climate change, the NDAA, SOPA, atrocities committed in the name of God or money or government – what can I do?

With open discrimination and hostility against women, homosexuals, Muslims, and stories of intolerance and acts of utter selfishness against people different from one another – what can I do?

In the face of so much death, war, famine, hopelessness, pain, politics, economic ruin and pain – what can I do?

There is no magic bullet answer, of course.  There never is.  But there ARE things we can do.

Every little bit helps.  We cannot let go of hope.  We have to keep our eye on what we WANT to see.  If we put all our focus and energy on all these terrible things – we will energize these terrible things, and draw more of them.

What can I do?

Global warming/climate change:  We can watch our own consumption of power and fossil fuels and water.

NDAA/SOPA/governmental lunacies:  We can write to congress, bombard them with petitions and other such things; but more importantly we need to seek out and support 3rd party candidates who share our beliefs, and we need to use congress as the proving ground to eliminate the 2 party system.

Discrimination:  Think.  Consider your own discriminatory practices, and before you act, think about why you feel like you do.  Is there a legitimate beef?  Is it with an entire group, or an individual or individuals?

Hostility and hatred:  We all have people we do not like.  But hate is a powerful, negative weapon that is completely lacking in constructiveness.  To hate does not give us any means to better our relationships with those around us.  They simply build on hate.  Just because something/someone is different is no reason to hate them, fear them, or attack them.

We are all different.  We are not, cannot, and should not all be the same.  It is what makes us who and what we are.  We are not all going to agree – but that does not give us license to badmouth, attack, hate, and discriminate against those in opposition to us.

What can I do?  I can be a voice of hope.  A voice of peace.  A force for equality, for sanity, for consideration.  I can try to persuade others to think as I do, to see this world not for its woes and sorrows and sadness – but for it’s possibility.

And that is what I can do.  How about you?